Memorial Day Weekend Extravaganza!

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Memorial Day

So the Memorial Day Weekend has come back around once again and boy is it gonna be a doozy! AAA is projecting that almost 36.1 million peeps will be traveling the highways and byways trying to get to their holiday destinations. One famous family has traveled outside of the country for their holiday festivities. Yes, I’m talking about the Kimye clan! As anybody with a pulse knows, Kim K. and Kanye West are tying the knot this weekend in the gorgeous Florence Italy. The Kardashian clan and their guests have already enjoyed a whirlwind few days in Paris France, with Kimmycakes rounding out the celebrations with her closest gal pals (one of which flashed the paps a lil nipple action!) at her bachelorette party, fun times!kim-kardashian-kanye-west-wedding-

The rumor mill is also in full swing speculating if Hov and Queen Bey will be making a friendly appearance. Allegedly Mr. Carter finally agreed to be Yeezy’s best man and if that’s true then he most likely will want his sexy wife to be in attendance (for “moral” support of course *wink*). Hopefully the Carters will remember to pack some extra barf bags for Yonce ’cause y’all know she ain’t even ’bout that Reality Show Life! And ooooo weeeee, Ms. Rachel Roy (who happens to be one of Kimmy’s besties) had better keep her distance from Jay-Z because the last thing she wants is for Solange to have to fly in for an emergency b*tch slap!

kim-kardashian-kanye-west-A little birdie is also chirping that there is a bit of family drama going on with the Kardashes’ as stepbrother Brody Jenner won’t be attending. Supposedly he’s pissed because his short term lady friend didn’t get an invite! But oh well, if the Kardashes’ get snubbed from time to time, best believe they’re gonna do some snubbing of their own, family or not! They say the third times a charm so hopefully this will be the case for Kim, although this is Yeezy’s first time at the wedding rodeo. Word on the street is that they are a pretty freaky couple so maybe they’ll find some unique ways to keep the marriage alive past 72 days (like a lil pokey poke at the top of the Eiffel Tower or some oral action in the flame of Lady Liberty! You know, some celeb style bangerations!) Overall let’s just wish our resident attention whores the very best as they embark on this new chapter in celebrity-ville!

But yeah, fun is definitely in the air as Memorial Day weekend heralds the start of Summer and millions of grills are fired up as folks prepare to spend time with family and friends. All in all it should be a great weekend for people everywhere with hundreds of events, family gatherings and road trips taking place across the country. So here’s to a great weekend, may you not lose your sanity in traffic, or your undies at the party and have the best time ever!

By Cozmicsequels Via VinoTown


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