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east sidaz cover It’s back to business for Tha Eastsidaz


It wasn’t that long ago when Goldie Loc and Big Tray Deee dominated the airwaves. Now with Tray Deee back home  it’s full speed ahead for Tha Eastsidaz.

From reuniting at KDAY’s Krush Grove to magazine covers Tha Eastsidaz are back to reclaim their rightful place among the G’z in the rap game. Don’t expect any watered down new age pop hop from these two.

They have linked back up with the Boss Dogg (Snopp that is) settled their differences and are back behind the mic where they belong. Check out “GET U RIGHT” and peep the knowledge Snoop drops.

Welcome home to The General we can’t wait to hear the new music and watch Tha Eastsidaz reclaim the throne. 

You can keep up with Tha Eastsidaz on twitter &  instagram

Twitter @BigTrayDeee @FollowGoldieLoc
Insgagram @Big_TrayDeee @Mr_Goldie_Loc


And just because we rock with em’ touch check out Tha Eastsidaz wit Nemo on GGN


Be sure to cop the new issue of Street Motivation 

♥ Blaze


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