The FOH Minute Returns! Current Events That Make You Say, “F*kOuttaHere” With That!

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So the FOH minute has been on hiatus for a while and due to the level of fuckery that’s clogging up our timelines, it’s been forced to make a comeback. There seems to be a general consensus that our society (and many things affected by our society) are topsy turvy due to a very pissed off deity taking a very huge cosmic shit on us. Well granted it could be our own fault and more than likely it is, but either way the world is very much akin to a shit show right now and you’re either duckin’ it or slingin’ it for your life!


There are soooooo many people and things that can get the FOH, but we’re gonna start with Ryan “LyinAss” Lochte. By now you should have heard all about the kerfuffle that happened with this american olympic athlete during the recent Summer trials. This guy and some of his teammates acted a fool, lied about the circumstances and got caught in the web of lies that followed.  So, Sir Swimtrunks got some of his re$iduals snatched! Which is exactly what this overgrown frat boy deserves in light of the facts. But of course, leave it to “WhiteIsRightEvenWhenItsWrong” America to turn right around and coddle this dude, (who the Olympic committee referred to as a kid by the way!) Callin’ his 32 year old ass a kid is a stretch at best as he’s the elderly’est lookin’ kid I’ve ever seen! The irony of that dyed “white” hair was just too perfect!



So for Dancing With the Stars to invite this national disgrace Lyin’ Ryan to come dance his blues away, in the midst of the aftermath no less, is just sheer fuckery…but so American. Thus far he has lost four major endorsements, but is managing to pick up others so of course he’ll be just fine, no worries there. He’ll be handsome, rich and dim as a windowless garage for years to come. In fact, ‘Pine Bros. Throat Drops’ have offered the TellerofTalltales an endorsement which should (again ironically) come in handy for his sore throat after all the back peddlin’ and white splainin’ he’s been doing. What’s also disturbing is it seems like he’s more annoyed that he got called on his shit than he is sorry for his immature actions and the ugly turmoil they’ve caused. Most recently it has been reported that he’s been formally indicted by Rio police for filing a false report. We’ll see how far it goes, but good luck with that Rio.

img flip(Aww shucks, me and the fella’s were just joshin’!… Nukka Please!!)

This was yet another boneheaded move by an overly confidant and entitled white male american in a foreign country. It’s no secret that it happens quite a bit, except this time the behavior was called to the floor for all the world to see by a very over it Brazil . His impressionable teammates caught the fallout that was rightfully his, because as we all now know, he ran from Rio with a zip! zoom! gone! like his sport was track and field! All of those young men will be a tad tainted from here on out and rightly so because they are just as guilty for going along with that shit crockery of a story! But has there been any real admonishments or apologies? Nope, just the usual two step shuffle, throw some money at it, burying of the shit. It was shameful the way the talking heads in the mainstream media were tripping over their tongues trying to fix-up the fabrications and make lame excuses for this guy.


(NewsCaster: “See what had happened was…” Public: “Shut yo’ wasn’t even there ass up!”)

Look, he LIED, he didn’t exaggerate, he didn’t stretch the truth or fudge the fukkin facts, he LIED. He fucked up and blamed it on the alcohol…repeatedly. And you know it’s a funky forecast when Al ‘thee’ Roker has to be the voice of reason  for this country! That entire debacle was an embarrassment that never should have happened. America really missed its chance to be gracious on the world stage, but who’s really surprised that it wasn’t? Our collective card has been pulled, AGAIN. The cheap make-up this country hides behind is melting fast and the ugly bitch underneath just can’t be hidden for much longer. It is what it is folks. So yeah, FOH with this moistasspussyfooting concerning Lying ass Lochte. He has earned the eternal side eye and tho he may have won his medal(s) fair and square, he certainly doesn’t deserve the accolades that come with them.

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Op-ed By  Cozmicsequels Via @VinoTown

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Social Magazine Official Cover Party Hosted by Lilly Ghalici

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Exciting things are happening here in sunny Hollywood California and The Evening Showdown was in the place to be! This week we attended  the official cover party for Social Magazine hosted by the beautiful Lilly Ghalici. So Stimulus Entertainment featured writer and The Evening Showdown’s official Red Carpet correspondent Blaze @ygblaze was in the house getting all the celebrity interviews. Scroll down and check out the pics!



Rashad McCants

                                 NBA player Rashad McCants @super.villian looked cool and relaxed. Nice shirt!


Actor Patrick Faucette

        Actor Patrick Faucette, @PatrickFaucette from Tyler Perry’s The Haves and Have Nots on Own Tv was red carpet smooth, he has Blaze smiling!

Recording artist Reem Riches


Recording artist Reem Riches @savimula looked casual and ready to mingle!


Porsha Coleman

Hollywood Today Host Porscha Colman @PorschaColeman had the red carpet feeling caliente! She looked gorgeous!

Keith Drayton aka MrAbz

Keith Drayton aka @MrAbz  was also in the house and he had those abtastic goodies all covered up, but we found an unwrapped version to share! Yum!

Tune in every Sunday to the Evening Showdown with Nickelodeon’s Angelique Bates Sunday’s at 6pm PST/ 8 CST on Kulturezine Network Radio.

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West Coast Hip-Hop, The Doctor is In!

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So the good doctor has finally emerged from his lab to bless us with some of that good West Coast remedy, the medicine we’ve been waiting on for over a decade! The album entitled Compton released a day early on Apple Music and early reviews are pretty positive. Dre came with some true blue heavy hitters like Snoop, Ice Cube, Xzibit and Eminem, but there are also some surprise additions like Kendrick Lamar and Marsha Ambrosius. Rounding out this long anticipated release are independent rapper King Mez and up and comers Asia Bryant, Paak, Jon Connor and Paaz to name a few.

The album is the accompanying soundtrack to the Straight Out of Compton movie slated to be released the second week in August. Although Dre fans had been waiting for over 16 years for him to drop the Detox album, (which never came out due to Dre’s dislike of it) hopefully this Compton album will  make up for the delay. Dr. Dre has expressed that this album is really important to him and that he was inspired by the filming of N.W.A’s story to make this album. West Coast fans and fans all over the world once again have bonafide West Coast hip-hop back in rotation and time will tell if Dre’s magic touch stands the test of time. This collaborative effort along with the upcoming movie will put L.A. back in the spotlight with the album royalties earned by Dre being donated to help fund a new performing arts center in the city of Compton.









Now that the music is out, it should be quite interesting to see how audiences respond to the N.W.A. film, I know I’ll be watching!

By: Cozmicsequels Via VinoTown

Savile Premium Rumtini ” A Taste of the Islands”

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Savile_Bottle_Image-0193.5 KDAY‘s annual Krush Groove concert series took place in Los Angeles over the weekend.

The legendary Bone Thugs N Harmony headlined. Suga Free, Mack 10, E-40 and Da Brat all had great performances. But, the break out star of the night never took the stage and was STAR of KDAY’s media suite.

Savile Premium Rumtini!

Savile pronounced Sah-Vee-Lay, is like paradise in a bottle! Savile is the first ready-to-serve Rumtini. Blended or on the rocks it’s absolutely amazing!!! The unique burst of flavors are bold, exciting and exotic. This premium Rum blend is made with natural fruit flavors and it’s gluten free.  If you are looking for a quality spirit packed with flavor, look no further. Savile has arrived.


Savile Rumtini is well on it’s way to becoming a household name.  This will be the hottest new drink of the summer. You can party the night away with no regrets in the morning. But don’t just take our word for it, head over to find your local retailer and let Savile Rumtini take you away with “A Taste of the Islands” in every bottle.

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Drop us a line and let us know if you’re in love just like we are and as always Please Drink Responsibly.


Modify Watches x So Stimulus Limited-Edition Watch Launch

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So Stimulus teamed up with Modify Watches to create custom design
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The FOH Minute. Current Events That Make You Say, “F*kOuttaHere” With That!

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Danny watts and company
See, what had happened was….

So, by now most of us have heard about the Django actress (who I can’t remember from the movie) Danièle Watts, who while with her white male partner, was recently detained by police in Studio City California for suspicion of public indecency and possibly prostitution . In light of all the recent backlash against people of color, this incident quickly became viral and had people talking from coast to coast. Now that the dust has settled somewhat and more information has become available, here are my “personal” thoughts on it, which I shared on my social media accounts…Please feel free to chime in with your own thoughts and opinions!

The bottom line in my opinion is they were being overly intimate in public and that is too much for some people and nothing anybody wants to see! They both look extremely suspect to me and I really feel like she is trying to get attention with this whole thing, which makes it difficult to legitimize real racist crimes. This is BS to me, because damn girl, you know you were out there riding the baloney pony, whether it was a dry humping or not, you could have just shown your damn ID and been on your raggedy ass way Ma’am! Nobody knew who you were and if this was your way of getting publicity, it was whack and wrong and now you are known for being publicly skanky! That was just too much in broad daylight with the door wide open on a busy public thoroughfare! What happened to parking garages and rooftops and dark side streets for hanky panky???? Naw, this was not about race, it was more about her non-factor ass being irresponsible and thinking her C list status would protect her. Just trifling!

Initially I was outraged on her behalf, but then when the audio and pictures emerged and that CNN interview popped up, I got a good hard look at BOTH of them, and I KNEW something wasn’t right in the water! It’s almost the equivalent of crying wolf and black society just cannot afford it! We have taken far too many hits for this chick to make a mockery of our struggle and abuse our collective pain with her shenanigans! It just pisses me off, nobody is here for that foolishness and she ought to be ashamed of herself not only as a female but as a black woman because we already have a heavy burden to bear with being shat on by the rest of society, while having our style and flavor and ASSES stolen from us! I am just not on TeamTooMuch with this chick, she can can catch the A-train to GTFOHVille as far as I am concerned because the damage has been done in a major way and there will be NO backpedaling allowed!!

And for the record, had this lady been a white woman, I would have felt the same way about her behavior and perhaps had I witnessed the alleged f*ckery, I would have thought she was a hooker too! The incident with this actress just takes away from a light being shined on real situations of racism and profiling. I have provided two links to what I consider a legitimate situation where black women are racially profiled as prostitutes.  Basically, she just could have handled it better from the gate and then taken action after the fact if she felt her rights were violated. This was just a ruse for publicity in my eyes and a despicable one at that! So, in the infamous words of our beloved Ice Cube, “Bye Felicia!”



By Cozmicsequels Via VinoTown