Rise & Grind : You Got This!

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Rise and Grind!

Wake up and face today head on. Always know that today is better than yesterday and what we do with today is what matters most. Never give up when faced with difficult moments. Keep looking forward. Always know that if the doors are closing a window is opening. Never lose sight of the goal, you’re closer to the finish line than you think. Today is a new opportunity to get closer to your mark. Get up and chase your dreams.

Go Be Great Today!



Artist Spotlight: Looks We Love

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We have  slight obsession with all things beautiful. Enjoy these works of art. img_1196.png

 This look is was created by Celebrity Beauty & Special FX Makeup Artist Nei Trotter
IG @legitbeautydotcom
Model @o.kayvictoria
Photographer: @rcpxphotography 

img_1194.png                                   img_1197-e1510094830567.png

This nail art is courtesy of Fiina Nail Lounge you can follow them on instagram to keep up with their latest creations @fiina_naillounge 


This hair was slayed by  Celebrity Hairstylist & Makeup Artist Tay Robinson
Model @mizjesyka
MUA @crystalwmakeup
photographer: @arthurstjohn

Today Is A Gift

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 “What you think you become. What you feel you attract. What you imagine you create” – Buddha

Start this day with a fresh and open mind. Yesterday is over and tomorrow is a mystery. Today is all that we have. Make it Count! Speak with kindness and show gratitude for the blessings you have. Show love and consideration for you never know the heartache another may be facing. Act with intention and integrity. The only thing standing between you and your destiny is looking back at you.

Go Be Great Today!


Love Is DOPE

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Congratulations to Officer Norman and Rosslynd Guiden on their engagement!!!!

Tommy Norman of the North Little Rock police department, is known for his positive community policing.

Norman has going viral with video post and pictures of him with those that he protects and serves in the community.

Over the weekend Officer Norman proposed to his girlfriend, Rosslynd Guiden at her 30th birthday celebration.

The couple of two-years celebrated Rosslynd’s birthday at Samantha’s Tap Room and Woodgrill in Little Rock with family and friends when he popped the question.

Of course, Rosslynd said YES and her son Riley was there to share in the touching moment too.

Congrats and well wishes to the happy couple!!!  See the special moment captured below.


Let Your Passion Fuel Your Purpose

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Attack this day with passion and determination! Be motivated to reach your goals. Don’t let fear keep you from what you know you can have and deserve. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how long it takes you, or how many times you try. It only matters that you make it to where you’re going. It’s your race. Your only competition in the person staring back at you in the mirror. No one said it would be easy, but your struggle will be worth it when you accomplish your goal.

Go Be Great Today!


Changing the Face of Sexual Wellness

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Meika Hollender, Co-Founder of Sustain Naturals is turning sexual wellness on this head. Hollender is taking the industry by storm with her line of organic and vegan products ranging from condoms to tampons. In just 3 years of operation, Sustain Naturals has sold millions in products. Hollender has also teamed up with the Women’s Voices for the Earth organization to create a bill for Tampon and Pad companies to list the ingredients used in their products because the FDA currently does not require these manufacturers to inform the public of what they use.  Her most controversial product is her line of organic vegan condoms. Most condoms are made with carcinogens and consumers have no way of knowing what’s in the products.

The company’s entire product line from condoms, tampons, pads, post play wipes and lube are all made with natural and organic ingredients.  With everyone wanting to adapt a healthy lifestyle sexual wellness would seem like a natural progression. But everyone hasn’t been as receptive to this new way of thinking. Meika has been the victim of slut shaming and has lost potential investors simply because of her product line. But she’s not letting the negative Nancy’s deter her from her mission.

Would you be willing to try organic vegan condoms? Let us know what you think




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Today can be the day that changes your tomorrow!

What are you doing with the gift of this day? We all have the same 24 hours. No more. No less.

So what are you waiting for? What are you putting off that you could be doing right now? Or are those things you say you want not really as important to  as you want others to believe? If you want something you’ve never had you have to do something you’ve never done.If-you-really-want-to-do-something-youll-find-a-way.-If-you-dont-youll-find-an-excuse.Jim-Rohn-quotes

If you have a dream, GO AFTER IT! It’s not going to come easy but it won’t get accomplished by you just hoping and wishing on a star. TAKE ACTION TODAY! Stop talking about what you want and put some work into it. Stop with the excuses. Excuses are monuments of nothingness, they build bridges to nowhere. The only thing standing between you and your destiny are the excuses you’re telling yourself.

Get up, Get out and Get something.  Master your destiny. If you don’t have the right circumstances, create them and above all else, NEVER GIVE UP!