Happy Birthday E-40

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It’s still Scorpio Season and today is our favorite scorpio’s birthday. We want to wish the ambassador of The Bay,  E-40 a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

We hope you enjoy your day King. Wishing you many blessings, beautiful memories and success in your new year!





Freestyle Friday: Lola Monroe

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 D.C.’s Lola Monroe, star of the hit series The Platinum Life dropped in on the LA Leakers, to talk about what she has going on in her life as she prepares to release some new music

A stamp of approval from The L.A. Leakers ( Power 106’s DJ Sourmilk & Justin Credible) will launch your career to new heights. So you know if The L.A. Leakers approve Lola Monroe then she’s definitely official. image1.png

Now you cant come to Power 106 and just be a pretty face. Your skills will be put to the test. But in true Boss fashion Lola Monroe came to play NO GAMES and dropped that fire.

Check out her freestyle and full interview with The L.A. Leakers.

Happy Friday


Happy Birthday Warren G

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warren GAll the Cool Kids Are Scorpios!!

SCREAMING HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the King of  G Funk Mr. Warren G.

We hope you enjoy your day King. Many blessings in your new year! Make sure you show him some Birthday Love @WarrenG

In honor of Warren G’s birthday enjoy this classic Regulate feat Nate Dogg


Fact! Mondays Are Better with Dope Music

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Now that you’ve started your morning off on a positive note, grabbed some coffee or a red bull it’s time to kick your Monday into high gear with some dope music.

IMG_1174TrapLA and the big homie Dj Crash D are back with the 2nd installment from the TrapAngeles mixtape series with TrapAngeles 2 “The New Wave” featuring the Platinum Single “Wavy” by TY$ featuring Joe Moses.

And if you need something clean to ride to because your rolling with the babies or G’ma but you still wanna be lit check out “Not Another Clean Mixtape”.trap (2).jpg


If you want to keep up with everything Trap LA be sure to subscribe at you can follow Trap LA on twitter @TrapAngeles and on Instagram @trap.la_




For all the Bone Thugs N Harmony fans

Layzie Bone just dropped a new mixtape The #1 Assassin featuring hip hop royalty Bun B, Lil Jon, Stephen Marley, T.I., 2 Chainz and more.

You download The #1 Assassin at and be sure to follow Layzie Bone on twitter @LayzieBTHN  and

Instagram IMG_1175@TheRealLayzieBone

Happy Monday. Make sure you make today count and support this good music


What’s Beef: Method Man Edition

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meth.jpgThis rap battle is one for the history books. Looking for a good laugh today? Well look no further than this!! Check out this rap battle between Method Man and James Corden.

James really goes in!!!  Now what we are not going to do James, is allow you to use the word Ugly james.jpgin the same hemisphere with Method Man. But other than that James might have a solid rap career on his hands if he decided to leave TV behind.He’s already got a leg up on these mumble rappers.

We hope you had a  good laugh and enjoyed this video, we sure did.  You can catch more of The Late Show with James Corden weeknights on CBS check your local listings.

Happy Saturday



Soaking Up Game with Nino Brown

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We came across a video today from Nino Brown titled “A woman leaves mentally first, then her body follows”. Yes his language is harsh but don’t let that be the reason you miss the message, because once you get past language and actually get to the message you will discover that he really dropped gems.  You can also check out Nino Brown’s motivational audio book Mackin’ and Stackin’ 3. You can find it in the itunes store and on google play. It’s 20 minutes of serious get your mind right. We would highly recommend you adding this to your daily routine. Here are some of our favorite key points from Nino Brown.  Watch the video and tell us what you think.

  • Don’t lose your main course over your side entree

Both men and women can fully benefit from understanding this principle. When men or women are cheating, the side piece always seems so much better than what they have at home because that person is an escape from reality. They never deal with real life with the side piece, it’s always a party when they are together. But if you had to invest the time and energy with that person that is necessary for a real relationship to manifest you’d  probably discover you don’t even really like that person. You’ll find that you have nothing in common besides having sex. So why risk losing a person of value, that you know you love just because your upset with them or lack sexual self-control.

  • The grass ain’t greener on the other side. It just looks like that, but that sh%! Be artificial turf

We easily forget that sugar and salt look the same. The grass isn’t greener on the other side, it’s greener where you water it. No one in a relationship is going to be perfect. And you are never going to get 100 percent of what you need 100 percent of the time.  So instead of running to the next person at the first sign of trouble and trying to fix the problem from the outside, try to work on the problem from the inside. You will never resolve your internal issues with external people.

  • 2nd string is the 1st to lose

The petty levels are real. Mostly among females, but the men aren’t exempt. But since this mostly occurs amongst women we will approach this from that viewpoint. When a woman cheats with a man knowing he has a wife or girlfriend they seem to find pleasure in broadcasting the fact that they are sleeping with your man. This seems to be an ego booster for them letting you know because they feel for whatever reason that they are taking something from you and must shout it from the mountain top. Never taking into consideration that you really don’t know this man. You don’t know his family, you’ve never meet his friends. You’re assigned to the day after holidays, motel rooms and yet you find pleasure in attempting to destroy and tear down another woman. Why? Low self-esteem maybe? Is it that you feel really feel stupid when you start to reflect on your “relationship” with a man who’s house you’ve never been to, who’s never spent a holiday with you, except for the day before or the day after. Because on the actual holiday he’s with his real family. So ask yourself, are you broadcasting to his woman that you are sleeping with her man to make yourself feel better?

  • D!*k Discipline

A wise woman told her son “Tape your D!*k to your leg and keep it to yourself!”.  A mature man will respect himself and know that every woman doesn’t deserve to know him sexually. The 5 minutes of satisfaction is not worth the lifetime of headache if he impregnates some random one-night stand. And let us not forget that there are disease in this world that antibiotics won’t cure. Having some discipline sexually will not only help you in your relationship but if you can master that you can apply that same discipline to the other areas of your life.  It’s very easy to fall in lust because a woman in attractive. But it’s not her body that’s going to raise your children, it’s her mentality, her mindset that are going to influence and rear your children. You should be looking for someone that you can build a foundation with, not just some girl that is a good time.

Do you think his points are valid? Or are you unable to receive the message because of the way it was presented? Let us know what you think, do you agree or disagree?


“Don’t Shoot Tha Messenger” G’sta x DJ Blaknifficent

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It’s been 10 years  since one of the  most deadliest and devastating hurricanes slammed into the Gulf Coast.

Hurricane Katrina claimed the lives of more that two thousand Americans and left city of New Orleans submerged in water. The world watched in disbelief and anger as this disaster was handled with total negligence and disregard for human life by city and government officials alike. 

“What started out as a natural disaster became a man-made one – a failure of government to look out for its own citizens.” – President Barack Obama 

DSTM In remembrance and reflection of this tragic time and current social events G’sta, a survivor of Hurricane Katrina, teamed up with long time friend and mentor Blaknifficent for the release of their collaboration “Don’t Shoot Tha Messenger”.

With the productivity in high gear G’sta has been making major moves preparing for this release on the 10 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. He recently sat down with journalist Matteo Urella at for a 4 part in depth interview . You can check out part 1 here.

Like New Orleans, G’sta is resilient and focused now more than ever. He continues to push the envelope and  grind for his family, his team and his city.

Be sure to check out “Don’t Shoot Tha Messenger” available in Apple Music store.

Be safe this weekend & remember those who were lost in Hurricane Katrina.


♥ Blaze