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The FOH Minute. Current Events That Make You Say, “F*kOuttaHere” With That!

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Danny watts and company
See, what had happened was….

So, by now most of us have heard about the Django actress (who I can’t remember from the movie) Danièle Watts, who while with her white male partner, was recently detained by police in Studio City California for suspicion of public indecency and possibly prostitution . In light of all the recent backlash against people of color, this incident quickly became viral and had people talking from coast to coast. Now that the dust has settled somewhat and more information has become available, here are my “personal” thoughts on it, which I shared on my social media accounts…Please feel free to chime in with your own thoughts and opinions!

The bottom line in my opinion is they were being overly intimate in public and that is too much for some people and nothing anybody wants to see! They both look extremely suspect to me and I really feel like she is trying to get attention with this whole thing, which makes it difficult to legitimize real racist crimes. This is BS to me, because damn girl, you know you were out there riding the baloney pony, whether it was a dry humping or not, you could have just shown your damn ID and been on your raggedy ass way Ma’am! Nobody knew who you were and if this was your way of getting publicity, it was whack and wrong and now you are known for being publicly skanky! That was just too much in broad daylight with the door wide open on a busy public thoroughfare! What happened to parking garages and rooftops and dark side streets for hanky panky???? Naw, this was not about race, it was more about her non-factor ass being irresponsible and thinking her C list status would protect her. Just trifling!

Initially I was outraged on her behalf, but then when the audio and pictures emerged and that CNN interview popped up, I got a good hard look at BOTH of them, and I KNEW something wasn’t right in the water! It’s almost the equivalent of crying wolf and black society just cannot afford it! We have taken far too many hits for this chick to make a mockery of our struggle and abuse our collective pain with her shenanigans! It just pisses me off, nobody is here for that foolishness and she ought to be ashamed of herself not only as a female but as a black woman because we already have a heavy burden to bear with being shat on by the rest of society, while having our style and flavor and ASSES stolen from us! I am just not on TeamTooMuch with this chick, she can can catch the A-train to GTFOHVille as far as I am concerned because the damage has been done in a major way and there will be NO backpedaling allowed!!

And for the record, had this lady been a white woman, I would have felt the same way about her behavior and perhaps had I witnessed the alleged f*ckery, I would have thought she was a hooker too! The incident with this actress just takes away from a light being shined on real situations of racism and profiling. I have provided two links to what I consider a legitimate situation where black women are racially profiled as prostitutes.  Basically, she just could have handled it better from the gate and then taken action after the fact if she felt her rights were violated. This was just a ruse for publicity in my eyes and a despicable one at that! So, in the infamous words of our beloved Ice Cube, “Bye Felicia!”



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Bang, Pop, Fizzle, Summer is Gone!

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goodbye-summerWell here we are again with another Summer winding down. It has been a whirlwind of events, altercations, marriages and breakups. We won’t go into a full recap as that would take several days to cover. However, there were definitely a few stand out things that transpired over the last few months. As most know, the On The Run Tour was a huge success and will be coming to a close with performances in Paris that will be filmed for HBO. Bey was also bestowed with the Michael Jackson Vanguard award via MTV and she put on a stellar performance, at the end of which her husband and sweet little daughter Blue Ivy presented her the prize. So cute! Jay and Bey found themselves battling rumors of an imminent split, but it seems for the most part that those rumors have been shot down…for now. Of course we wish them the best and hope for many more awesome years for these two mega stars. (On a side note, BET and Karrueche Tran Really tried it when they aired a tasteless joke about Blue’s hair…Needless to say the Beyhive went all the way IN and tore her and BET a new one!) Aside from that, it also happens to be Queen Bey’s 33rd birthday today so shout out to her on her special day as she sails around Corsica in a yacht with her family.The Carters

On another note, today is a sad day for Hollywood as the loss of Joan Rivers is being mourned by many. Joan passed away today leaving behind her only daughter Melissa Rivers and an amazing legacy that spanned over six decades. Her sharp tongue and acid critiques may not be missed by those who have been stung, but her raunchy and no holds barred sense of humor will be a noticeable absence from entertainment. We extend our sincere condolences to the Rivers family at this sad time.Joan Rivers

Several stars have gotten pregnant, given birth, gotten engaged, married and gabby and dwadedivorced! Just this past weekend three high profile couples tied the knot. This trio of wedded bliss included Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg, Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross and Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade. Ashlee and EvanA big congrats to them all, but none of these weddings were more of a wow moment than the recent nuptials of the Jolie-Pitts! Last but not least, Ciara broke it off with baby Future’s dad, but we are hearing that they have since reconciled (so has Chris Brown And K-kat allegedly…but that’s a whole other bag of marbles) hopefully her and Future Sr. will be able to work thru their relationship issues for the kids sake. And we want to wish a safe birthing to Alicia Keys and Kelly Rowland on their impending deliveries. Check back next week for more newsy info on some of our faves and also on some of our “love to hate’s” as well. See ya’ll round the golden water cooler!

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Steve Harvey’s Neighborhood Awards 2014 Must See Video

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This year Steve Harvey took the Neighborhood Awards to Atlanta to honor the best businesses, organizations, high schools and  individuals in the neighborhood.

But what would a live award show be without a few teleprompter mishaps, shoes kicked off and an impromptu roast.

Check out this clip with Tracee Ellis Ross ( ABC’s Black-ish), David Mann (Tyler Perry’s Meet The Browns), Micheal Jai White ( Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse, Black Dynamite) , Lavell Crawford (comedian)  and Kirk Franklin. We promise it will be the best laugh of the day.





Good Book Alert: Don’t Fu#k With My Heart by Linnea

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image “Don’t Fu#k With My Heart”

If you crave a page -turner “Don’t Fu#k With My Heart” is a must have for your collection.


We love a good book as much as we love great shoes and wine. And if you feel the same way then you definitely need “Don’t Fu#k With My Heart”, the debut novel by author Linnea.

This book has readers hooked from the very start. An emotional roller coaster that the reader won’t want to get off.

Don’t underestimate Linnea just because she’s a first time author. The story is very well written with just the right amount of drama to keep you hooked page after page.

You can pick up your copy from Amazon.com or if you would like to get an autographed copy from Linnea drop her and email Click Here To Email and tell her we sent you.

If you want to keep up with Linnea you can follow her on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram



Create Your Custom “MOD” with Modify Watches

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SUMMER2014_1024x1024 modify watches


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We absolutely L-O-V-E with these DOPE mix and match timepieces by Modify Watches. Fun, Bright and over 3,000 combinations you can design the “Mod” that best fits your personality.

Modify Watches are water proof, but don’t go jumping in the middle of the ocean with them. Most importantly, you can express your individual style without breaking the bank.

modify-watches-blog-insert-pic  They have something for everyone in your family and your crew. So head over to Modify Watches and customize your very on “Mod” and Show Your Colors!

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For The Love of Hip-Hop, Heartbreak and Side Chicks…

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Hearts and Hands

Now we aren’t ones to gossip, but there have been a few stories floating around in the land of Hip-Hop and because we’re not nosy, but newsy, we thought we’d go ahead and share a small bit of what’s being shared around the golden water-cooler….

The Carters!So of course the Carters have been slaying the stage and leaving fans swooning and breathless!! Sources are reporting that the On The Run Tour is absolutely FIRE! Stans and fans have been posting concert footage showing the power couple working their juju from stadium to stadium, laying folks out in the aisles with fits of extreme ecstasy from merely being in the presence of the King and Queen! The Carters are running an almost three hour show that is literally taking a huge dump on other artists who are touring right now. Who are they again? Oh yes, we have no idea because the Royals are hosting stadium sized parties and that’s all anybody cares about. But in all seriousness, the show is reportedly doing really well and is still expected to be one of the highest selling tours in the history of everdom! There has even been recent confirmation that the concert is heading to HBO (Hov.Bey.Only?) That is great news for fans who won’t be able to attend the shows live. So go on now Mr. and Mrs. Carter, keep making the subjects prostrate themselves in loyalty as you give them more Life than Dr. Frankenstein ever gave his Monster!robin-thicke-

My Dear Mr. Thicke, (Since you seem to enjoy emulating our dear Mr. Gaye so much)…The public at large is going to have to ask you to kindly sit down in the nearest corner sir. Your parade of beggar’try has left a salty trail of tears, which is perhaps why the lines are really blurred now. Your valiant yet ultimately unsuccessful attempt to woo back the lovely Paula is swiftly turning out to be flatulently futile. The Paula album is just not the answer in this case. Selling a mere 530 copies in the UK Robin? Really? It’s confirmation bruh, take it on off the world stage, nobody wants to witness your shitty public meltdown, we have our own problems!! Alan, please come get your boy, his Growing Pains are thoroughly whooping his ass! Miss Paula is clearly over it as is the rest of the world. You’ve gone and made yourself look like a total douchey wuss, so why would she take you back now after all the embarrassment? Especially considering your fingers probably still smell like that girls butt you had them shoved up in. No one is here for it, Paula is in hiding (which you should be considering) and there is just nothing left to say now. Just go ahead and tuck your tail between your legs and slink away with what little dignity you have left. Wave the white flag for now and recognize defeat for what it is. Maybe she’ll take you back down the road despite your poor judgment and asininity, while she gives her panties a real good party in the meantime!

Chris and KayAnd awww, a break up so soon after the big release Chris and Kay? Tsk tsk, Fame can be such a raggedy bitch can’t she? Just being ruthless with your business and wreaking havoc on your heart & emotions all over the public stage…Sigh…Rumor has it Chris is being disrespectful, wanting to have his side-chicks and eat them too and Ms. Kay in her new position as the “main chick” is not here for it! This is really not the greatest time for you drama-wise Chris, considering your “situation” you probably would have benefited from having that stable support system behind you for a while longer…Please keep it together long enough to make a strong come back and redeem yourself. Here’s what your list should look like: 1. Lose bad influences/jail weight 2. Keep hands to self/Stay out of prison 3. No more face/neck tats. And Ms. Kay, at least you are young, attractive and somewhat connected. If you unzip that leg tattoo and shake out all that CB Bullsh*t you’ve accumulated over time, you will hopefully manage to re-stuff it with your own magic so you can stand on your own talent. You will find another industry boo soon enough ’cause you’re lookin’ damn good these days hunty, so don’t be afraid to leave your mark and make your own legacy ‘rueche. Tag, Rihanna you’re in! Lol…J/K!

That’s it for now, come back next week to see if there will be anything newsy worth chatting about. In the meantime and in between time, enjoy your weekend and be sure to dispose of your recyclables, wet swimwear and used condoms in the proper receptacles. Laterz!!!!

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