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Burger King Bullying PSA

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Burger King is taking a stand against bullying in a big way with their new ad.
This hands down one of the best anti-bullying PSA that we’ve seen in a long time.

Most often people hate to get involved for whatever reasons. They will stand around and watch but will do noting even when they know it’s wrong. Or worse they will pull out a phone and record it for social media, but will stand by and do absolutely NOTHING. This video does a great job of showing how customers will complain immediately if there is a problem with their food but will sit back a watch a kid being picked on.

A highlight of the video was when customers realized their burgers had been smashed by an employee, they instantly demanded their food order be fixed but they had no problem walking right past the kid being bullied.

“Did you order it bullied or unbullied?” the employee asked the customer. “Had you seen me bullying this burger, would you have stood up and said something?” The customer responds, “Yeah.”

Then we learn that 95 percent of customers in the restaurant complained about the bullied burger … but only 12 percent stood up for the student they watched being bullied.

This was a great video and we’re proud of Burger King for using their platform to effect change. Does this remind you of someone else who decided to used his platform to bring awareness to the social injustices effecting the Black Community?

Take a look and let us know what you think