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Changing the Face of Sexual Wellness

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Meika Hollender, Co-Founder of Sustain Naturals is turning sexual wellness on this head. Hollender is taking the industry by storm with her line of organic and vegan products ranging from condoms to tampons. In just 3 years of operation, Sustain Naturals has sold millions in products. Hollender has also teamed up with the Women’s Voices for the Earth organization to create a bill for Tampon and Pad companies to list the ingredients used in their products because the FDA currently does not require these manufacturers to inform the public of what they use.  Her most controversial product is her line of organic vegan condoms. Most condoms are made with carcinogens and consumers have no way of knowing what’s in the products.

The company’s entire product line from condoms, tampons, pads, post play wipes and lube are all made with natural and organic ingredients.  With everyone wanting to adapt a healthy lifestyle sexual wellness would seem like a natural progression. But everyone hasn’t been as receptive to this new way of thinking. Meika has been the victim of slut shaming and has lost potential investors simply because of her product line. But she’s not letting the negative Nancy’s deter her from her mission.

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