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GQ’s Citizen of the Year

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We want to send a big CONGRATULATIONS to Collin Kaepernick as he graces the cover of GQ and is named Citizen Of The Year! You definitely deserve this acknowledgement Kaep!! It’s been a tough road but you’ve exemplified bravery and courage. It’s not always easy doing what’s right and you chose to lead by example even in the face of adversity. We salute you!

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Master P to Colin Kaepernick “Let’s Start Our Own League

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TMZ recently caught up the Master P and he indicated that he would be willing to partner with Colin Kaepernick  to start a football league where the players can make their own decision to kneel, sit or stand for the anthem. The businessman who is heavily involved in the Global Mixed Gender Basketball league,  suggest the root of the problem is the lack of Black ownership. “I think we have to start owning things…Without ownership, you don’t have control, no matter how much money you make. You never gon win if you don’t own nothing”, he told TMZ reporters.

Kaepernick is fighting back against the NFL, filing a collusion lawsuit claiming the league has “black-balled” him for his decision to take a knee during the national anthem. According to CBS News, the 49ers former quarterback filed the grievance alleging “collusion” among the NFL owners to keep him out of the league after President Trump repeatedly stirred up criticism of Kaepernick’s protest against police brutality. Trump even when as far as to call the players that took a knee “sons of bitches” while in Alabama for a recent rally. Majority of this is public record seeing as Trump ranks the highest among twitter thugs.

We don’t know if Kaepernick will jump on board with P but that would certainly be a league that we would fully support. Do you think he should try to get back in the NFL or take P up on his offer and start his on league?